Friday, June 27, 2008

Product Review -- Table Mate II

I bought the Table Mate II recently after wanting one for a long time. I have a mixed review to report, for those of you who may be curious about this product.

The problems:
  • It's wobbly. If you have a traditional tray-table with the legs that make an X-shape, the Table Mate II is at least as wobbly as that, maybe more so. It could use a metal bar or rod across between the legs about 3/4 of the way down.
  • It's tippy. Not the same thing as wobbly: I'm afraid the whole thing will tip over, falling forward away from me following the curve of the legs. I'm afraid to leave my laptop on it unattended, because falling off of a table is not covered in my Best Buy service plan.
  • It has 3 angles: (1) Flat horizontal. (2) Slanting down toward you. (3) Slanting away from you. I can't see a reason for that last one. Especially since it amounts to being the same angle as the other slant, just in the other direction. I'd rather have 2 slants in the same direction, of different angles. I just use my Table Mate II in the horizontal position.
The advantages, and why I'm not asking for a refund:
  • It's adjustable in height. I can set it at 6 different heights.
  • It's small and convenient. It fits almost anywhere. I was using the kitchen table as the resting place for my laptop. But the table is too high for comfortable typing. The Table Mate II can be adjusted to a height that is better suited to typing.
  • It's just wide enough for my wide laptop and a mouse next to it. I was afraid the mouse wouldn't fit, but it does.
So here's what I do: I brace the back end of the table, the side with the curvy legs, up against the kitchen table or the back of the couch. Unless it's braced or if you're actively using the computer, you can't leave the laptop on there. That's the rule. So I shouldn't find it sitting in the middle of the living room, unattended, with the laptop on it.

I've only had my Table Mate II less than a week. I'm happy with it, but I'm also glad I didn't pay full price for it. Somewhere I found one that you can make short enough to use in bed. That wouldn't work with this one, it doesn't adjust that short. The shorter one would probably be sturdier.


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