Monday, June 23, 2008

7 Things I Wouldn't Want to be Remembered For

A famous man dies after living for 70 years. He was a frequent guest and one of the most common guest hosts of the Tonight Show during the Johnny Carson years. His long list of artistic creations includes: 23 record albums, 16 movies, over a dozen HBO specials, 5 books, and several TV shows, including an 8-year stint on a popular kids television program.

The news media choose the following accomplishment to sum up his long career in the entertainment industry: "He is best known for a comedy routine involving 7 dirty words that are so bad you can't say them on TV."

If we would have known, last week, that he was going to pass away soon, and if we would have asked him what he wanted to be remembered for, would 7 swear words have been his answer?

I never found the 7 words funny. I don't see the point in using swear words in comedy. Funny situations are funny. Swear words are not. George Carlin was a very funny man, but somehow those 7 words defined his life.

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