Thursday, June 10, 2010

Would you like an image with your search?

The answer, apparently, is no. We users don't seem to want a background image on their Google search page. The web is a-buzz today with people wanting to know how to turn off this new feature.

Google took a leaf out of Facebook's page, opting users into something they did not want. Google must feel that Bing is a threat, despite the fact that Google is still well ahead in market share. Bing shows users a different image each day, complete with easter eggs.

I have long thought that
  • People would love the image part of Bing without the search.
  • Bing has gained market share due to being the default search engine in Internet Explorer.
I'm considering making a blog that is sort of "Bing without the search." You'd see an image, and get some interesting information and links associated with that image (similar to the mouseover links on Bing, like where it is found, the history behind the location, etc.). Each day, I would post a different image. The images I'd choose would not be as PC as those displayed on Bing. If you would visit such a blog on a regular basis, post a comment telling me so.

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