Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Maybe I should have given the matter more thought before I named this blog.

There is, apparently, a yellow jacket nest somewhere near my computer workstation. Every day, there are yellow jackets flying around. Last week, one landed on my foot. It climbed down, crawled across 4 of my toes, and kept crawling onto the bottom of my foot, where it went back up the length of my arch and came out again onto my ankle. Giving up hope that it would ever fly off, I grabbed the stack of 6 or so pages that were in the printer, and used the edge to knock him off. He landed on the floor and sat their contemplating life long enough for me to drop the stack of papers onto him and stomp on it.

I have lost track of how many of these guys I've killed in the last week. They're starting to take revenge. I was bit by one on Saturday and it's still bothering me.

A couple of weeks ago, I accidentally severely cut my thumb with a really sharp kitchen knife. I'm still wearing a band-aid. so when I go swimming, I hold my hand out of the water. The easiest way to do this is to keep my hand on the edge of the pool, and somehow, a bee saw it there and decided to attack.

I didn't even see it. It happened so fast, I wasn't sure what had happened. There's still a mark, and it hurt for several hours and then started itching. It's still itching, this is now 3 full days later.

My son was attacked by a swarm of ground bees a couple of weeks ago, too.

I've always been called Beelissa. I mean, it's just a nickname that's used occasionally, but it's stuck with me since I was a child. I thought it was good for an internet username because it's often not already taken (compared to several other choices I've tried that usually already belong to someone else). But if it's going to attract real bees, I might be re-thinking this.


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